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Water Flow Meter

BR Instrumentation & Controls manufacturers Water Flow Meters that accurately measure the rate of flow of slurries or conducting liquids flowing in closed pipes. These withstand voltage fluctuations and provide accurate readings. It is easy to use these meters are available in various configurations and are customized as required by the client.


It works on the principal of Faraday’s law which states that when a conductor moves through a magnetic field of a given strength a voltage is produced in the conductor and proportion to the relative velocity between the conductor and the magnetic field.

Variety Water Flow meters :

BR Instrumentation & Controls offers a wide range of flow meters in India at Best Price. Our Product range includes below products at best prices.

  • Water Flow meter,
  • Digital Water Flow Meter and

    Best quality Water flow Meter is easiest to mount and one more PLUS Battery Operated version is available too. We can use the Same Unit in Vertical or Horizontal or Field or Panel

  •  Read the flow rate and Total
  •  NO FEAR of Glass breakage as in Rota meter
  •  NO FEAR of visibility of Float due to whatever

Use the Right Flow Meter for Your Application

Selecting the right industrial flow meter for your application can be a challenging task. To make it easy, BR Instrumentation & Controls recommends the best water flow meter you should use for your particular gas, liquid, or steam flow application.

First, choose your application:

  • Natural gas
  • Compressed air measurement
  • Gas mixing and blending applications
  • Burner control
  • Liquid measurement
  • Steam flow measurement
  • Scientific laboratory
  • Research centres
  • Chemical industries

Based on your application specifications, such as flow rate, pipe size and gas measured, BR Instrumentation & Controls helps you select the perfect flow meter solution for your industry to improve quality and save money on energy costs, installation, and maintenance.

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