Tell What You Should Eat In Summer

let’s tell what you should eat in summer

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Summer foods help restore fluids in the body, make it cool, and provide much-needed energy. These are all the foods you should be consuming this summer:


Vegetables especially bitter gourd, gourd, gourd (kumda), chichinda, dodka, parwal, kantola/kakoda), tinda, kundru and turai etc. are available only in these days, and have all the essential vitamins, minerals and medicinal properties Huh. A quality Which boost your immunity?

It fights diseases and keeps the body cool. Cucumber, tomato, spinach, okra, pumpkin, capsicum and capsicum, brinjal, lettuce and potato are also healthy foods to include in meals during summer.


Whole grains and millets like jowar, barley, rice, brown rice, ragi, bajra, barnyard millet, kodo bajra, buckwheat, and arrowroot flour are soft grains that one should include in their diet in summers.


Pulses like moong, masoor, and cowpea (or achouli) are more suitable in summers than other pulses as they are more cooling in nature.


There are many types of cold fruits that help in cooling the body in summer. These include mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, jamun, litchi, orange, guava, papaya and banana. All these fruits contain a good amount of water, fiber and antioxidants. In this way, they cool down the body and provide the necessary energy to work. It also prevents dehydration.

Drinkable item:

Coconut water, lemon juice, fruit juice, fruit smoothies, sugarcane juice should be consumed regularly. So that you stay energized and hydrated all the time throughout the day. Fresh herbs like mint can add freshness to juices, smoothies, and yogurt and can also cool the body.


In addition to consuming hydrating drinks, you should also consume adequate amounts of water to maintain normal balance, facilitate body processes, and cleanse the body.


Dried fruits especially black currants and raisins are too cold for our system.

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