Fire Hydrant System

What Is Fire Hydrant System?

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What Is Fire Hydrant System?

Fire hydrant installations include a system of work connected to pipes primarily to supply water to each and every hydrant outlet and intended to provide water to firemen to fight the fire. The water is discharged as a fire engine which is subsequently pumped and sprinkled on the fire. Hydrant pumps should be provided to pressurize fire equipment where water supply is not reliable or inadequate.

How Does Fire Hydrant System Work?

A special type of well is dug, called “fire well”, where water is stored 365 days a year. Here the water well is connected to the pump room, and two to three main pipes are from the pump room. These pipes form a network of pipes here that cover the factory compound and the factory. The pump works to continuously fill all the pipes connected to the water under pressure. Pressure is about 7bar to 10bar.

When a person sees a fire, he activates the hydrant system and points it in the direction of the fire. A very strong current of water, now strikes the fire and the fire is eventually extinguished. The pump continuously pumps water to maintain system pressure.

Uses Of Fire Hydrant System

The Fire Hydrant System is generally used in various residential and industrial projects. If you have ever seen a red color pipe moving around a building or factory, you have seen a fire hydrant pipe. Fire hydrant systems have such power that water can be shot directly into the fire, up to 8 floors.

Advantages Of Fire Hydrant System

Fire hydrant systems are very strong and can be used for medium to large sized fires. There is a long range of fire hydrant systems. Since the fire hydrant system extends outside, the fire hydrant can attack fire from different angles. This entire system requires little maintenance and, virtually, does not leak water. In addition, fire hydrant systems have a long life.

Components of the System:

  • Fire Fighting Pumps & Accessories
  • Piping & Panels
  • Landing Valves
  • Hoses and Couplings
  • 2Maintenance Valves
  • Fire Brigade Connections
  • Branch Pipes & Nozzles


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