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Know All About Telescopic Covers

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What Is Telescopic Covers?

Telescopic Covers provide durable protection of slide ways and precision machine components from all types of chips and coolant. Optional components can be integrated to improve durability speed, and access to the machine.

In other way we can Say:

Telescopic covers are among the classic machine protection systems. They prevent the penetration of chips or sharp-edged elements into the guideways of machine tools or machining centers.

What is the mechanism of a Telescopic Cover?

Telescopic covers with scissor mechanisms have many advantages:

  • High travel speeds up to 200 m/min are possible.
  • Acceleration forces and speeds are uniformly distributed across all the plates.
  • This also applies to the resultant inertial forces.

Types of Telescopic Covers:

  1. SS Telescopic Cover
  2. Industrial Telescopic Covers
  3. CNC Telescopic Cover
  4. CNC Machines Telescopic Cover


Steel / Stainless Steel

Commercial quality steel is used to withstand the abuses of the shop environment. Standard sheet thicknesses range from 1.5 mm (16 gauge) to 3 mm (11 gauge).  Other gauges available depending on the application.


Brass or non-metallic guides can be used on the covers. Small and medium size covers can be supported with non-metallic, low friction guide shoes.

Interlocking Design

Wrap around construction ensures precise location of individual cover sections and automatically provides the necessary initial preload for the flexible wipers.

Wiper Systems

High endurance, insertable polyurethane wipers keep the cover clean and seal out chips, dust and coolants.

Support Rollers

To ensure smooth, accurate operation, large covers can be provided with rollers. Ball bearing, needle bearing, and many other roller options are also available.

Other Features of Telescopic Cover:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Tough in construction
  • Longer service life

Advantages of Telescopic Covers:

Good protection: The telescopic covers, in combination with guideway wipers, reliably keep chips and debris away from the shafts and guideways of your machine.

Practical options: The largest segment of our telescopic covers can be made walkable and equipped with an access window. This makes maintenance and repair work much easier.

Individual design: The telescopic steel covers are matched to the speed of use. Rollers, skids and buffer systems are individually selected to sustainably and permanently reduce shock, noise and friction.

Good cushioning: Sliding and buffering systems between drive plates, scrapers, and catching strips reduce shock, noise, and friction.

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