What is The Bellow Covers

What is The Bellow Covers? Know About Application of Bellow Covers.

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What is The Bellow Covers?

Bellow Covers are the accessories on CNC Machine Tool, We can choose different types and dimensions of Bellows Covers for different types of CNC machines and working occasions. As technology improves nowadays, the protection system of CNC machines is very important to satisfy both machine lifetime and cost control, both machine manufacturers and machine users are increasing the demand for protective spare parts.

Application of Bellow Covers:

Bellow Covers is widely used in machine tool equipment, CNC machine, laser cutting machine, automatic equipment, semiconductor equipment, precision electronic equipment, stone cutting machine, glass cutting machine, door manufacturing machine, lift table (ex: hydraulic lift table, scissor lift table), automatic stock equipment…etc. Bellows cover on laser cutting machine is widely used in medical equipment, precision measuring equipment, automatic control equipment, food technology, and other fields, the above industry requires manufacturing by high quality and non-toxic raw materials.

In addition, more demands of bellows cover are used on hydraulic lift table of car installation production line, to fit the larger size skeleton of lift table; it will need customized design and manufacture.

To fit different occasions of users, customers can make blower covers to be dust-proof, splash water-proof, oil-proof, acid-proof, rust-proof, anti-static and even reach high compression can choose different fabric materials as per demand.

The Types Of Bellows Cover Include:

  1. Cylindrical Bellow Cover
  2. Concertina Bellow Cover
  3. Accordion Bellow Cover
  4. Fire Proof Fabric Bellow Cover
  5. Trump Laser Bellow Covers
  6. Telescopic Bellow Covers
  7. Round Rubber Bellow Covers
  8. Stone Engraving Machine Nylon Bellow Covers
  9. Scissor Lift Bellow Covers, etc.

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Features Of Bellow Covers:

  1. Equipment protected by bellows cover can prevent sudden step-by-step, prevent deformation by external collision, extend machine lifetime, reduce cost and save repair time.
  2. Our blower cover uses good material which is suitable for the users, it is also designed to fit the equipment, low noise, long travel stroke, fast running, good quality and long durability. It is widely used in general machine tools, CNC machine tools, hydraulic machines…etc.
  3. Our bellows cover can customize metal skeleton support inside PVC backing, and it can also design to fit customers’ equipment such as plastic roller and metal roller, etc.

Gurukrupa Engineering is one of the best Bellow Covers Supplier, Manufacturers, and wholesalers Company in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Bellow Covers are designed with regular and irregular surface construction, intended to protect critical accuracy transmission parts with reduced shavings and chip production. Typical applications include linear guide ways or box guide ways. They can prevent the guide ways from being damaged by external forces or pollution and help reduce the drag force from the movement of parts. Gurukrupa engineering components are designed to extend the life of the machines and reduce the risk of accidents to the machines. We are a manufacturer of a wide range of Bellow Cover products which include Cylindrical Bellow Cover, Concertina Bellow Cover, Accordion Bellow Cover, Fire Proof Fabric Bellow Cover, Trump Laser Bellow Covers, Telescopic Bellow Covers, Round Rubber Bellow Covers, Stone Engraving Machine Nylon Bellow Covers and Scissor Lift Bellow Covers.

As per the requirements of our clients, we are offering a wide range of Bellow Covers used in a variety of machines to prevent dust particles, metal chips, and foreign particles. Our offered cover is manufactured with near strength to protect the machines from various types of hazards. Moreover, it is synthetic by using sophisticated technology of an excellent quality raw material under the supervision of skilled professionals. Owing to a variety of qualitative features, our provided covers are widely demanded in the market. We are reliable partners, if you have any enquiry; please feel free to contact us at any time.
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