What is pod taxi

What is pod taxi and where and when will India’s pod taxi start? | Pod Taxi | Personal rapid transit (PRT)


About Personal rapid transit (PRT)

Preparation to bring pod taxi in India has been started by the government. The government is keeping a budget of about Rs 4000 crore for this scheme. Not only this, the government has also constituted a committee for this, which will technically give complete details on this. Five members have been kept in it, who will be responsible for taking care of it, first of all it has to be established in Delhi. With the help of this car, those working in private companies are expected to get more relief. It is a car like flying in the air.

The Minister of Road Transport and Highways has announced to drive this car from Delhi-Haryana border till Rajiv Chowk. Right now, in the beginning of this scheme, this car will be run only for 12.13 kilometers. Not only this, the government can also connect private companies to complete this project. That means people from government and private sector can also participate in it.

What is POD Taxi or Personal rapid transit (PRT)?

Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) or pod car or pod taxi are the names of the same technology car, pod car is run with the help of solar energy. It has been made fully automatic, through which 3 to 6 passengers can be carried at a time.

Benefits of POD Taxi

It is being told about the pod car that it can be operated with solar energy. It is clear that due to continuous vehicles in the country, there can be success in preventing the increasing pollution to a great extent.

The second biggest advantage is that due to the dense population, people have to face a lot of traffic, and many vehicles have to be changed to reach their home or destination. With the arrival of this pod car, these problems can also be faced easily.

POD Car History

The idea of its structure was first given in 1953 by a traffic planner named Don Fichter. After this, in the year 1968, it was given a format for the first time. Work is going on in this for many years. In 2010, a Mexican college developed its artificial intelligent prototype and in 2014 this car was tested at a place called Guadalajara. Although the first pod car was driven at West Virginia University, the feat was accomplished in the 1970s.


POD car is a great option to solve the problem of pollution in a country like India. Not only this, with the arrival of this car, people will be able to get relief from the problems like jam to a great extent. Apart from this, no petrol or diesel will be used to drive this car, which means that it will also be a very beneficial help in protecting our environment.