Benefits of Corrugated and Cardboard Shipping Boxes

What is the Benefits of Corrugated and Cardboard Shipping Boxes?

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The choice of packaging matters a lot for a brand as it makes its first and lasting impression on the customer. And the first one visits in mind for a long time. Not only the packaging should be durable and strong but should also create a positive impression on the customer.

That’s why to keep the packaging sorted and protected throughout transit, retail stores and warehouses need box solutions. One requires corrugated box solutions from corrugated box manufacturers to safeguard the products, big or small. You need the right packaging to make the product’s transition smooth and safe.

SSICPUNE is a manufacturer and supplier of Corrugated boxes, printed cardboard boxes, Heavy-duty Corrugated boxes, cardboard shipping boxes, Carton corrugated box and much more. Our constant effort in product quality, seamless finish, tear-resistance, and supporting the trending pattern and technology and subsequently form our production process in the way it should be and giving us a soft edge in the market. Our team of skilled professionals complements our infrastructure with talent and perfection. Our consumers are our priority and our main concern is the quality of the products we offer to our reputed buyers.

Packaging is an essential aspect of day-to-day factory operations, and warehouses throughout India and the globe run through thousands of packaging items in a comparatively short period. For this reason, SSICPUNE concentrates on corrugated manufacturing packaging with personalized designs and options.

In the shipping industry, custom corrugated boxes have been a force for many decades. The corrugated board uses as an important cushion, shielding items against any shakes or shocks. Corrugated boxes are a common go-to choice, whether you are preparing to ship great furniture, delicate glassware, or pricey electronics.

So let’s know what it is and the following benefits.

What is Corrugated Box?

It’s simply a cardboard box with more cardboard strengthened in it. To be particular, there are two parts that it has. One is described liner board and the another is known as a medium. The linerboard is flat on the side whereas the medium is also like a three-dimensional layer of wavy paper. In corrugated cardboard, the medium part is covered by linerboards on both sides.

What are Cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, primarily used for packaging goods and supplies and can also be recycled. Industry specialists seldom use the term cardboard because it does not indicate a specific material.

The term cardboard may transfer to a type of heavy paper-like materials, including, card stock, corrugated fiberboard, or paperboard. The meaning of the term may depend on the region, contents, structure, and personal choice.


There is something very trustworthy about the boxes. They can resist the impact of transportation and handling. Plus, their recyclability gives it a wonderful element to be used. Not only it shields the product from any mishap but also provides a good name to the brand. This gives corrugated box manufacturers a distinct preference over the manufacturers of other packaging supplies.


The lightweight of corrugated boxes makes it a very economical material to use as it reduces the logistics cost to a large extent. Obtaining cost-effective and easy-to-ship characteristics make it the most sought-after element in the market.


The raw materials required to manufacture the corrugated boxes are low-cost and easily available. So this in turn causes the entire process of manufacturing very cost-effective. That’s why the end product produced by corrugated box manufacturers is very economical too.


The superior quality of the manufacturing process makes the box heavy enough to carry a wide variety of weights. And the packaging element has got the toughness to preserve the content from damage.

Moisture Resistant

Dense corrugated cardboard production means that the contents are shielded from moisture, which can pose a real danger, especially in places with high humidity, long delivery times, or wherever packaging is opened to outside conditions.

Printing Capabilities

Cardboard products are proper for embracing a wide variety of printing options, such as optical, litho, and screen printing, with superior printing and graphics abilities. These features make them highly important instruments for advertisement and brand promotion purposes. With significant information such as products and contact items easily available for customers to see, logos may be printed in exclusive business colors.

Wide Range

Corrugated boxes are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors as per the suitability and requirement of the product to be packed. A broad category of applications can quickly and securely fit into corrugated boxes.


When compared to other packaging materials, corrugated boxes material can be reused and recycled various times. Being eco-friendly is their forte. And that’s why they are known as the most different packaging in the market made by custom corrugated box manufacturers.

Personalized Design

As per the terms desired by you, corrugated boxes can be customized. With the options of single-wall PVA glued packing boxes, double wall boxes which can be glued or stitched, and die-cut boxes, SSICPUNE answers your needs as one of the leading corrugated box manufacturers.

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