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Best Bellow Covers Manufacturing and supplying company in Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Gurukrupa Engineering supply and manufacturer best Bellow Covers, concertina bellow covers, Round Rubber Bellow cover, Accordion Bellow Cover, cylindrical bellow covers, Telescopic Bellow Cover, Fire Proof fabric Bellow Cover, stone engraving machine nylon bellow cover and scissor lift bellow cover at best worth in Pune, India.

Our structure is empowered with the latest technology and machinery that help us to manufacture and supply a superior grade of Bellow Cover. We used optimum superiority nylon fabric, polyurethane, and leather to make these covers at our production unit. These covers are extremely used in CNC machines for ensuring smooth sliding of the materials. Our expert quality inspectors precisely check the Bellow Cover on durability and finishing parameters before offering it to the customers at reasonable prices.


  • Dustproof
  • Smooth surface
  • Durable quality
  • Smooth & flexible
  • Longer service life
  • Rugged in construction
  • High resistance to temperature

More Details:

Bellows covers are manufactured in three making series, as a result of which solutions are possible for any technical application encountered on machines. High superiority bellows can be manufactured in almost any form. The series of manufacture of bellows includes – 10 mm dia. Spindles up to guideways of 2.5 meters with strokes of up to 20 meters. This bellow can be manufactured as a one-off or as series.

Our types of machine slide bellows covers is used in sliding of product on machines. These are widely used in CNC machines and can provide safe protection even at high processing speeds.

we have two categories of manufacturing systems. One is a fully stitched brand with every folds with PVC supports i.e., P.S bellows. It is new protective where coolant and chips particles fall. Another type is pasted or glued type i.e., P.G Bellows which is mainly used for less coolant or cutting oil and for dustproof.

Material Used:-

High Tensile Polyamide Fabric, Nylon Fabric coated with polyurethane, Canvas, Leather, Zipsy Hood etc.

Types of bellow cover :

  • Round Rubber Bellow cover
  • Concertina Bellow Cover
  • Scissor Lift Bellow Cover
  • Stone Engraving Machine Nylon Bellow Covers
  • Fireproof Fabric Bellow cover
  • Cylindrical Bellow Cover
  • Accordion Bellows Covers
  • Telescopic Bellow Cover
  • Trumpf Laser Bellows cover

1} Round Rubber Bellow cover

Gurukrupa engineering is the best Round Rubber Bellow Cover supplier, Round Rubber Bellow Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune, India.


  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • High efficiency

2} Concertina Bellow Cover

Gurukrupa engineering is the best concertina bellows Cover supplier, concertina bellows Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune,  India.


  • This kind of cover shows no harm or deformation when being trampled or impacted by tough objects. It features long facility life, good sealing effect, and smooth running
  • Long-stroke and Low compression; the ratio of length: 1/10
  • It is an adjective to coolant, oil, and iron filings, etc.
    The bellows speed is up to 200m/min
  • There is no metal accessory inner the concertina cover so users do not demand to worry that it may get loosen during
  • The shapes vary correspondingly according to the necessities

3}Scissor Lift Bellow Cover

Gurukrupa engineering is the best scissor lift Bellow Cover supplier, scissor lift Bellow Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune, India.The best quality range of Scissor Lift Bellow Cover. The accessible bellow cover protects cylinders from the foreign particles in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and keeps them working for a long time. Our conjunction bellow cover is manufactured using modern technology and the best quality rubber.


  • Less maintenance
  • Flawless finish
  • High tensile strength

4} Stone Engraving Machine Nylon Bellow Covers

Gurukrupa engineering is the best Stone Engraving Machine Nylon Bellow Coverssupplier, Round Rubber Bellow Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune, India.

5} Fireproof Fabric Bellow cover

Gurukrupa engineering is the best Fireproof Fabric Bellow covers supplier, Round Rubber Bellow Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune, India.

6} Cylindrical Bellow Cover

Gurukrupa engineering is the best Cylindrical Bellow Cover supplier, Cylindrical Bellow Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune,  India. Cylindrical Bellow Covers. We use the best quality of raw material to manufacture these covers and severely test the goods in compliance with the quality standards.

7} Accordion Bellows Covers

Gurukrupa engineering is the top accordion Bellow Cover supplier, accordion Bellow Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune, India.


  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Longer service life
  • Easily removed and mounted

Other Details:

  • Materials: Our Bellows are manufactured from superior quality synthetic materials and are lengthy-lasting and they can withstand temperatures up to 1000 C and are resistant to all cutting oils and coolants etc.
  • Material Used: Nylon Fabric covered with polyurethane, High Tensile Polyamide Fabric, Canvas, Leathered
  • Mounting: Bellows are mounted and detached easily. Split type Designs ensure the same. No expensive down period for preservation. Fixing choices to suit a particular machine are accessible
  • Different Forms: Round, Square, Rectangular, Octagonal, Odd Shapes

8} Telescopic Bellow Cover

Gurukrupa Engineering Supply best Telescopic Covers which include CNC telescopic cover and SS telescopic cover at the best value in Pune, India. Best Manufacturer and supplier of Telescopic Cover. Ours is a distinguished name in the commercial that manufactures and supplies Telescopic Bellow Cover that is vastly used in productions for lifting applications. Specially designed, this lightweight, as well as durable bellows, are applauded for their sturdy construction, high load-bearing capability, and outstanding resistance to corrosion. Available in numerous0020conditions, these bellows are safely packed.


  • Supreme performance
  • Robust in construction

9} Trumpf Laser Bellows cover

Gurukrupa engineering is the best Trumpf Laser Bellow Cover supplier, Trumpf Laser Bellow Cover Manufacturer Company in Pune, India.

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