5 Benefits of Plastic Enclosures

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5 Benefits of Plastic Enclosures

Plastic enclosures are the most popular and economical way to protect electronic devices from any adverse effects. Often electrical enclosure manufacturers choose aluminum and steel for their enclosures, but the recently introduced more durable types of plastic are changing this Although, choosing the best material for your electrical device’s enclosure requires to understanding the exact requirements of the particular project, for most of the items you can save a lot of money by using plastic. Furthermore, used in the right conditions, plastic enclosures tend to last longer than those created from other materials.

1- Intrinsic Insulator

The main difference between the plastic and metals used to create electrical enclosures is that it doesn’t conduct electricity. This feature is especially important if there are concerns about electrical shortage or the equipment will be used near water.

Another great point about plastic enclosures/junction boxes is that they don’t need to be grounded. That is, they don’t need a ground connection to the enclosure box itself. By contrast, metal boxes, which are conductive, must be grounded to the circuit grounding system, normally with a short wire called a pigtail that connects the box to the circuit’s ground wire(s).

2- Light Weight

The second benefit of plastic enclosures is their lightweight.
If you are planning to outsource the assembly of electrical equipment & devices or for a particular project enclosure weight plays a
Another feature where the plastic comes superior is its weight. If you plan to outsource the assembly of electronic devices or for your particular project -enclosure’s weight plays an indispensable role, definitely plastic is the best material for your requirements.

3- Cost-Effective

As mentioned above costs play an important role for every electrical device project and plastic is reasonably cheaper than die-cast aluminum, steel, and other metals used to create electrical enclosures.

Another thing that makes plastic enclosures more alluring than metal enclosures is that they come with integrated cable clamps, usually in the form of little spring tabs that hold the electrical cable snug once it’s inserted into the box. By contrast, many metal boxes require a separate cable clamp that is secured to the cable and then to the box. There’s nothing wrong with a separate clamp; it’s just easier and a bit quicker to use the plastic tabs.

4- Intrinsic plasticity = No finishing required

Metal enclosures require finishing, while plastic doesn’t because its intrinsic plasticity which doesn’t make any rough edges. This alone eliminates one step from the production process without risking the durability of the plastic enclosure.

5- High Impact Resistance

Plastic Enclosures can resist the high impact while staying in the original form factor which is important to avoid any further damage to the system.

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